Common Misconceptions

I'm just another middle class kid too

when you’re around someone so much they start using your slang vice versa

#slanted and enchanted b side ruined my life

Pedro the Lion

—Winners Never Quit

Count it a blessing you’re such a failure. Your second chance may have never come.

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thank you for bringing over a jay and some beers but fuck let’s not talk about religion the whole time man c’mon

Jesse Lacey got drunk at a holiday party last year and karaoke’d “Sk8ter Boi”. During the bridge he disclosed some intimate details about one of his exes while on the mic. Several people have yet to forgive him. He is also the singer of this band.

Vin Accardi is a true mixologist with a mental database of at least fifty potent cocktails, many of which must be “pounded”. He fingers frets for a living.

Brian Lane has ridden a mini bike through a nightclub’s foam party. He is not only a genius but he is also the drummer.

Garrett Tierney has been known to go on, filter through all of the best looking girls interested in his band, then IM them with the surefire line “Yo”. He plays bass.

—Brand New’s official website bio, August 2003 (via suckerforanything-acoustic)

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